Snippet Managers

I have found myself returning to past projects looking up code that I had done previously so that I did not have to figure it out again. Many times it is for larger sections of code that I have to use on a regular basis. Having to dig through multiple solutions to find the code that I am looking for becomes a pain after a while. Visual Studio has the ability to store code snippets but those snippets don’t always carry over from solution to solution. I began looking into snippet managers and found some very promising options.

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Portable Development Environment

Building websites on the side has been a very productive way to make a little extra cash now and then. I don’t tend to take on overly large clients but more mom and pop type companies, smaller non-profit organizations, churches, that kind of thing. I cut them a fair deal and they don’t tend to be overly demanding, however there are times that something needs to be changed sooner rather than later or there is an issue that has surfaced that I need to deal with right away. This has happened enough that I know that I don’t want to leave all of my development tools behind anytime that I go anywhere. However, I don’t always want to carry my laptop with me every time I go on vacation. I have discovered a compromise in the way of portable apps. Continue reading

Planning a Website Structure

Planning the structure of a website is important because many time that will directly affect the functionality that you need to build. It will also allow you to have to do less restructuring and code re-writing later on. On way is to simply create an outline of the pages that a website will need. This can be very simple to begin with but then can grow as you analyze requirements and meet with your clients or stakeholders. Continue reading