GitHub: Custom Identity Management

I have blogged previously about Identity and will continue to do so because I think it is a powerful and easy to use package for user and role management. The one thing that it is missing from the base install is a web based method for an administrator to manage those users and roles. There is a nuget package that I have used and talked about before called the IdentitySample. This package very easy to install; however, the problem is that it changes the namespace of over 30 different files. It will also completely wipe out any code on the shared layout as well as the home index file unless you step through and approve or disallow identity to change every file individually.

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Log4Net is a very powerful logging application for ASP.NET applications. Logs can be written to a text file or also to a database. The one major downfall of Log4Net is that it does not have a built in interface to view the logs. I have created a new project on GitHub to house a MVC based UI for Log4Net logs that are written to a database. Continue reading