Project Management with Trello

Trello is a Kanban style project management board. The gist of Kanban is the use of lanes and cards. Lanes represent the stages that an item must pass through in order to be completed. Each card represents a certain task or group of tasks that can be assigned to individuals. As each stage is completed the card is moved from one lane to another enabling a very visual and easily identifiable overall picture of the progress of the project. 

Logging into Trello

  • Create and login to Trello by going to
  • Once logged in you can create different boards for various projects
    • To do this click on the plus sign in the upper right corner and select Add Board

Understanding Lanes (aka Lists)

Trello (and all Kanban boards in general) use lanes (which Trello calls lists) to manage work progress. The board view shows all of the lanes in which an activity is in. The “board” is the main overview page which displays all of the lanes.

Each lane can contain multiple “cards”. On the board we can view some basic information about the course at a glance. In addition to the current lane a class is in we can also not several different pieces of information about the course based off the various icons that are displayed on its card. SPECIAL NOTE: If you do not see any of the icons listed below on the cards simply refresh the page. I have had this issue several times and all the icons appear after I refresh.

  • The eye icon indicates that this is a card that you have subscribed to. This means that you will be notified when anything about this card changes.
  • Paragraph icon indicates that a description has been attached to this card. For the 2015 track changes the description is the synopsis of the course.
  • The text bubble and number indicate that there have been comments added to this card and how many.
  • The paper clip indicates that this card has attachments which could be files or hyperlinks. The number indicates the number of attachments on this card.
  • Cards can hold tasks. The bulleted list indicates a task list on this card. The numbers indicated the number of tasks complete out of the number of total tasks on the card.
  • The picture icon (or initials icon if you have not uploaded a picture) indicates the person or people that have been assigned to his card.

Working with Cards

Clicking on a card will open up the card details. At the top of the card indicates the members assigned to this card, the labels that are assigned, as well as the card description and a list of all card attachments.

The menu options on the right allow you work with the card and assign members, create or view task lists, add attachments and even assign due. You can also move or copy the card to a different location. If you are going to move the card from one lane to another it is easiest to drag and drop the card to the new lane on the board view. You can also subscribe to any card so that you will be notified when anything on the card changes.

Below the attached links we can view the task lists that have been created and the individual tasks on each task list. When each task is marked as completed the card will display the new completed/total on the card summary on the board page. You can add a new task to a list by clicking on the “Add a task…” link at the bottom of the list. The final section on each card is a listing of all of the card activity including the ability to make comments on the card.

Project Management with Trello (PDF)

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