jQuery DataTables

At one of my previous jobs I had to do a lot of reports for users to easily browse or search for information. The layout that most easily allowed for this was by providing the information laid out in a tabular format. I had researched a number of ways to incorporate various functionality and finally landed on using the jQuery plugin Data Tables (http://www.datatables.net/).


The Data Tables plugin allows for searching, sorting by column header and automatic pagination by default. The other thing that I loved is how easy it is to use. By simply creating a HTML table with an ID attribute on the table tag all you need to do is add links to the CSS and JS CDN files and then instantiate the table with the following code.


Not only is it easy but it is also flexible. hidden columns, ajax, links, styling and a ton more. You can see examples and the code needed to customize the table on the examples page (http://www.datatables.net/examples/index).

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