Planning a Website Structure

Planning the structure of a website is important because many time that will directly affect the functionality that you need to build. It will also allow you to have to do less restructuring and code re-writing later on. On way is to simply create an outline of the pages that a website will need. This can be very simple to begin with but then can grow as you analyze requirements and meet with your clients or stakeholders.

As an example if I were to begin laying out a very simple online training site the structure might look something like this:

  1. Online Training
    1. View Courses
      1. Microsoft Office Library
      2. Business Skills Library
    2. Shopping Cart
      1. Order Form
    3. Login
      1. Invalid Login
      2. Member Page
        1. Play Course
        2. View Transcript
        3. Print Certificate
    4. Contact

Another way to plan out a site structure is through the use of a mind map. This is very useful for people that are very visual and think more in pictures. is a free online mind mapping tool. I used WiseMapping to create the following mind map of the above website outline.


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